From start to finish we’re here to help create a one of a kind piece you will love!


The first and definitely the most important step is deciding if your piece needs reupholstering and what areas those are.

Here are 5 reasons to redesign your furniture instead of replacing it!

  1. The piece has solid construction and frame.
  2. It’s vintage or an antique piece of furniture
  3. It fits perfectly in your desired room.
  4. The piece holds sentimental value.
  5. The furniture is a sustainable design.

We guide you through the whole process and give you a better understanding of the value the piece actually possesses.


Selecting the material is the most exciting part of the reupholstering process. This is where you decide the style and feel you’re going to portray in the custom upholstery. Selecting fabrics and trimmings from a wide range of top quality brands and styles is what makes your upholstery custom.


This is where Positano’s Master Craftsman come into play. They will strip the furniture, which means the fabric is taken down to the bare frame. At this point we can also see and test if the piece needs any repair, which includes things like replacing springs, re-webbing, and strengthening the frame. We then measure and cut the fabric. With patterned fabrics we plan out every detail so the pattern will match consistently thought out the furniture. After the materials are ready it’s time for the sewing process. We ensure the fabric is sewn to exact specifications and custom fit.


Choosing final details like the finish of the piece can make all the difference. Also taken into account is the vast amount of experience our upholsterers have, without their attention to detail, and the love of the work that they produce the finished product always looks stunning in you room of choice. By choosing Positano’s Custom Upholstery you place your favorite furniture in good hands to bring it back to life.

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